Take Good Care of Your Best Friend

Bring your dog or cat in for a wellness check

Your pet can't tell you when something is wrong. You could be completely unaware that your dog or cat is sick or injured. At Veterinary Medical Hospital, our mission is to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. That's why we offer annual physicals and vaccinations.

We'll check to make sure your dog or cat is in good shape while vaccinating them against a variety of common diseases. Plus, you can bring your pets in for a check up whenever you notice their behavior has changed.

Don't worry about your pet's health-bring him or her into Veterinary Medical Hospital today for a physical or vaccination.

Young animals can be the most susceptible to illness

Puppies and kittens are adorable, but they are also very vulnerable to illnesses. If you've recently adopted a young animal, it's best to bring them in for regular physicals. We'll examine them to make sure that they are growing and developing like they should be.

Call 507-433-2353 now to make an appointment for a puppy or kitten wellness check.