Don't Let the Scratching Start

Use a tick prevention treatment to keep ticks from bothering your dog

Ticks can be a serious problem for dogs. Unlike us, they can't simply spot then and pluck them away. Dogs scratch, bite and lick tick bites for relief.

You can spare your dog from all this discomfort by using a tick prevention treatment from Veterinary Medical Hospital. We'll apply a treatment to your dog's body that makes them thoroughly unappealing to the little arachnids. Contact us now to schedule a protective treatment.

How do ticks affect dogs?

Ticks don't just make dogs uncomfortable. They transmit diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, Lyme disease and Ehrlichiosis.

You might find ticks and their bites around your dog's:

  • Tails
  • Ears
  • Front legs
  • Toes
  • Necks

To find out more about tick bites and their effects, speak with an experienced veterinarian right away. We'll make sure your dog is protected with a reliable tick prevention treatment.

Fleas are quite a nuisance and can cause your pet a lot of discomfort. If the problem isn’t taken care of as soon as possible, a flea infestation can easily worsen. There are many ways to get rid of fleas once they are on your pet and invading your home.

Spot-on or ingestible products

Signs of Fleas

There are many things to look out for during flea season. If your dog excessively scratches, has scabs, or you notice black specs of flea dirt, those are all possible signs that there could be fleas. It's important to get the issue taken care of right away before it gets severe!

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Spot-on Flea Products

Spot-on Flea Products

Ingestible Flea Products

Ingestible Flea Products