A Healthy Pet Is a Happy Pet

We'll diagnose and treat your cat or dog

If your dog or cat is sick, bring him or her to Veterinary Medical Hospital. Our diagnostic and lab services are reliable and efficient. We draw blood and test it in-house so that you can receive results as quickly as possible. Your pet can be tested for diseases and even parasites.

Make a diagnostic appointment for your cat or dog now by calling 507-433-2353.

Get to the bottom of your pet's health problem

Get to the bottom of your pet's health problem

When you're concerned about your pet's health, you can count on our veterinarian to properly diagnose your animal's problem. We'll:

  • Examine your pet for signs of problems
  • Take and send samples to our lab
  • Consult with you about treatment options
  • Prescribe medication or recommend treatment plans

We'll do our best to diagnose and treat your furry friend so you can get back to enjoying your lives together. Bring your pet in to see the experts at Veterinary Medical Hospital today.