Make Sure Your Dogs are Prepared for Hunting Season

If you're a hunter than you know that there is some preparation needed to get geared up for the hunting season. Part of that preparation is ensuring that your hunting dogs are up to date on all their vaccinations including their rabies shots.

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Man's Best Friend Deserves Attentive Medical Care

Bring your pet to our top-quality veterinary hospital

Your pets are members of your family. You want to give them a happy life. The staff at Veterinary Medical Hospital is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line veterinary care for your pets.

While we specialize in dog and cat care, we can provide services to rabbits, snakes and birds. Whether your new puppy needs to be vaccinated and neutered or your cat has a tooth abscess, our team is here to help.

Rely on a vet you can trust

Rely on a vet you can trust

When your pet needs medical care, you want to turn to a familiar face. Veterinary Medical Hospital is a one-veterinarian facility-meaning that you'll always be working with the same trusted doctor. Our veterinarian, Dr. Mike Williams, has been providing veterinary care to Austin, Minnesota since 1974. We value our community and our mission is to keep local pets both healthy and happy.

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